Won “Gullbaggen” for best original music!

Erik Havnes won "Gullbaggen" in the category "best original music"

Erik Havnes won Gullbaggen (ten Swedish oscar) in the category “best original music” for the composition he made for the documentary “Historjà – sign for sàpmi”. The composition tries not to touch too much into Sami music, on the ground of not having a sapmi-background himself. Instead the songs have recordings of wind from the highlands, streams and waterfalls as sampling material before adding other instruments on top.

The film also won in the category best documentary. The Documentary is about artist Britta Marakatt-Labba, who for decades has depicted the indigenous Samí people’s mythology, relation to nature and political struggle. Now she is facing one last fight; the battle for her culture against the threats of climate change.

Written by
Embla Mindrum